The Old Irish Bee Laws – An Bechbretha:

The Old Irish Bee Laws :An Bechbretha: From the earliest times Ireland was noted for its abundance of honey. In Ireland during the early medieval period beekeeping was so important that there was… Continue reading

Honey in Golf Balls ? Talk about a “Sweet Spot”

Talk about a Sweet Spot! As early as 1935 up until the introduction of solid core balls ,some golf ball engineers used liquid cores in balls that would otherwise have too much spin.… Continue reading

Trouble Sleeping? Try Honey , It works!

  Why suffer from yet another poor night’s sleep? A teaspoon or two of honey before bedtime promotes a restorative sleep. Honey has been used as a popular remedy to induce sleep for… Continue reading

Homemade Magic Shell ice cream topping with Honey

A Healthy Natural Topping, that “Magically” Hardens when you pour it on your ice cream. Makes 1 cup   1 cup Organic Coconut oil 1⁄4 cup unsweetened Raw Cocoa Powder 2-4 Tbsp Raw Organic Honey… Continue reading

Honey Bees Electrically “Shock Charge” Flowers

Honey Bees carry their own electrical field. When bees fly and flutter their wings, they produce a strong electric charge. They use this charge to collect and harvest food … magnetically. “Anything flying through… Continue reading

Can a Bee Sting make you Smarter?

According to a new study, scientists have proven that bee venom can improve our brain function. Sounds like witch doctor medicine, but an injection of bee venom can improve Learning and memory. A… Continue reading

Honey Heightens Athletic Performance

Forget buying sports gels to keep you going during your next workout; you might want to try honey instead. It is great for pre-workout fuel, workout performance and post-workout recovery. Raw honey, a… Continue reading

Discover Honey and Coffee!

Discover Honey and Coffee! If you don’t already add honey to your coffee instead of sugar.Try it! It adds a sweetness and unique flavor that will change your whole cup. Honey has been… Continue reading

Ancient “Honey” Beauty Secrets Revealed!

Legend has it that Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, was the original skin care expert, indulging in milk and honey treatments daily. Known to be one of the most beautiful women in history, Cleopatra… Continue reading

Fake Honey? Honey-flavored corn syrup

FAKE HONEY? honey-flavored corn syrup The term “adulterated honey” implies that the honey has  added glucose, dextrose, molasses, corn syrup, sugar syrup, invert sugar, flour, starch, or any other similar product, other than… Continue reading

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